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We have been a club since 1972.Riverbank Bass Anglers is a fishing organization that holds tournaments once a month, along with a club meeting the last Wed of the month at the Ryderz Restaurant in Oakdale CA at 7pm.  Come by and join us if you are interested in checking what we are all about.  We fish for very little prize money and low cost dues.  Our goal is to fish and have good times between friends.  The fees to join are low and cover insurance, monthly dues, a hat, yearly big fish and monthly big fish.  There is no obligation to join when you check us out.  You can also click on the "Contact us" link and email us.  We prefer you have your own boat as we do not have draw tournaments.  You receive points for attending meetings and monthly tournaments.  At the end of the year the top 10 qualify for the TOC. There is also a 2 day tournament at Clear Lake once a year. The club adds money towards the TOC prize moneys. We also have a banquet yearly where we have a BAR-B-Q, fun and games for you and your spouse.

We are still under construction with this web site.  Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in adding information and or photos. 

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